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Meet the team

All our coaches and facilitators still work in the commercial world spanning multiple sectors including: Law, Financial Services, Sales & Marketing, Advertising & PR, Teaching, Performing Arts, Third Sector, Sustainability, The Armed Forces, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Architecture, Automotive and Retail.

Bella Eccles

Founder, Consultant, Coach

Bella is passionate about helping people understand their natural talents and explore careers where they are more likely to be satisfied and successful.

She is a Qualified MBTI (Myers Briggs) Practitioner. Bella spent the early part of her career hiring Associate to Board level candidates predominantly into investment banking and private equity, and has advised an online recruitment business for interns and graduates. More motivated by a true desire to place the right people in the right jobs, than to simply hit targets, Bella established Tinker Tailor in 2008 to offer a more bespoke service to young people, schools and experienced professionals.

By building extensive networks with school leaver and graduate employers, she was able to record – and can now share – a huge range of workplace insights.

Susie Kendall

Programme Development, Coach

A passionate careers educator, facilitator and programme designer, Susie has been supporting young people both individually and in school settings for the last 10 years.

Understanding, through coaching, why her career in corporate law didn’t feel like the right ‘fit’ was what prompted Susie to work with young people and help them to make better decisions about their future.

Susie is a Level 6 Qualified Careers Adviser. She gained facilitation skills working in corporate settings and with students at London Business School. Susie has also been designing Careers Leader training programmes for both secondary and primary schools for Teach First for the last six years. This has provided her with an excellent understanding of how careers education can be embedded in the school curriculum.


Careers Adviser

Emma is committed to nurturing individual aspirations and talents, recognising that each student has distinct strengths and goals.

With a solid background in private sector recruitment and education, Emma brings a broad perspective to career development. Her recent experience spans both the private and state school sectors, where she implements and oversees comprehensive careers programmes. As a Level 6 Qualified Careers Adviser, Emma offers impartial and honest guidance based on a holistic understanding of career development in students and young people.

Emma provides consistent, realistic support and encouragement when advising on all opportunities - from higher and further education to apprenticeships and employment. When required she collaborates with Academic and Learning Support departments strengthening the support for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

With an emphasis on developing decision-making skills, Emma equips students and young people with the confidence and clarity needed to face the challenges of an increasingly complex – and often bewildering - job market. Through her efforts to inspire, inform, and guide them, she enables young people to make informed choices that align with their ambitions and potential and lead to genuine career success and satisfaction.


Careers Adviser

Since 2018 Melanie has been working with teenagers to help them feel more empowered to share their ideas and concerns, and plan for the future.

She is the Head of Careers at Royal High School Bath GDST and also works as a Careers Adviser for the University of Bath‘s secondary schools outreach programme. She is highly experienced at helping young people identify their strengths and aptitudes and reflecting on what truly motivates them.

Prior to working in education Melanie spent over 12 years in Finance working in Los Angeles and London. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University in 2004 and a minor in Theatre and Dance.