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Tinker Tailor Careers Programme

Year 7
Developing awareness of careers
  • What is a job?
  • How is school preparing me?
  • How to make decisions
  • Creating a plan and achieving my goals
  • Being aware of the main learning pathways
Year 8
Encountering information
  • Where can I find Labour Market Information?
  • Different types of jobs
  • How organisations select people
  • Understanding Business and Industry
  • Valuing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • What to think about when choosing GCSEs
Year 9
Nurturing curiosity
  • Choosing the right pathways
  • Importance of curiosity
  • Building confidence and optimism about the future
  • What skills are my subjects teaching me?
  • Difference between a job, a career and a calling
Year 10
Developing self-awareness
  • Importance of career management
  • Making informed decisions
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Awareness of opportunities
  • How recruitment and selection processes work and how to succeed
Year 11
Awareness of opportunities
  • What jobs are my personality, skills and interests suited to?
  • Work experience – Why? How? Alternatives?
  • Building a personal brand – CV and online
  • Where could my subjects take me?
  • Recognising the value of being challenged and trying new things
  • Reflecting on and recording achievements, experiences, learning and employability
Year 12
Reflecting on experiences
  • Choosing the right path – uni, apprenticeship or alternatives
  • Developing a clear direction of travel and pursuing it
  • Researching and reflecting on workplace culture and expectations
  • Considering the risks and rewards of different pathways/careers 
Year 13
Developing plans and strengths
  • What will make me employable?
  • Maintaining my personal and professional development
  • Transferring skills, experiences and knowledge to the world of work
  • Analysing and preparing for recruitment and selection processes
  • Building confidence and optimism about the future 
  • Continued Professional Development at university and beyond
  • Transitioning from education to employment